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The objectives of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc., as stated in the Club's Certificate of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State on February 19, 1912, are "to promote and maintain the principles of the Republican Party; to foster within the Republican Party and make practical in service of the municipality, state and nation, the idealism characteristic of youth; to correct in our own party that tendency of all parties to make organization an end rather than a means; to develop sound principle and public spirit in party politics; to promote honest and fair electoral methods, to the end that the expression of the popular will by whatever party or body, shall be as free, untrammeled and equal as possible; to resist and expose political corruption; to advocate merit rather than partisan service as entitling to public office; to watch legislation" and "to encourage public attention to and efficiently criticize the conduct of government."


Thursday, July 14
Guest Speaker:
Nicole Gelinas, a contributing editor at the Manhattan Institute's City Journal. She will bring her sharp wit and insights to bear onto the mayoral race and local issues.
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