Dear Friend:

Thank you for your interest in the New York Young Republican Club. Formed in 1911, the New York Young Republican Club is the oldest and most prestigious Young Republican Club in the country, with Senator Jacob K. Javits and Mayor John V. Lindsey among a long list of distinguished members.

This Club was formed to give young professionals an opportunity to get more involved in the political process, to learn about and debate the issues of the day, and to take a more active role in promoting issues and to fight for good government ­ regardless of who holds office.

We do not get involved in partisan battles or internal party rivalries and we are not affiliated with or supported by any party organization. The intent of this Club is to be independent of party politics, to support the candidates who are most qualified for office and to support the issues that make good policy, not good politics.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend monthly meetings where you will meet other young professionals - from a variety of different backgrounds but with similar beliefs - to discuss the issues that matter. And you will get to hear some of the most prominent and interesting speakers in the country.

Some of our recent speakers include former Reagan economist, Lawrence Kudlow; former assistant to President Reagan, Ambassador Alfred Kingon; National Director of the Congress for Racial Equality, Roy Innis; editor of National Review, Rich Lowry; Host of TechCentralStation.com, James Glassman; President of the American Council on Science and Health, Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan; President of the Ayn Rand Institute, Peter Schwartz; Consul for Media and Public Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel, Yehuda Ya'akov; former NY State Comptroller, Edward Regan; former speech writer for Vice-President Quayle, Lisa Schiffren; editor of the NY Post, John Podhoretz; and author of The Litigation Explosion and The Excuse Factory, Walter Olson.

General meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, usually at the American Association of University Women, located at 111 East 37th Street (between Park and Lexington). However, you should always check the website in case of any changes. The meetings run from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and we always go for dinner afterward. Professional attire is requested.

The Club also organizes a variety of special events, including policy debates that we co-sponsor with local Democrat organizations, and book events for conservative authors. We participate in street fairs in order to register new voters and help spread the Republican message. And we have some of the best special events in New York, including our Holiday party and annual Ronald Reagan birthday celebration.

In addition, Club members often gather for dinner or happy hour to socialize in an informal setting. These evenings are designed for members to form new relationships - either personal or professional - with fellow Republicans. The Club also has many active committees, which work on issues and help to inform the members about the workings of government at all levels. Every member in good standing is eligible to become a committee chairman, and participation in at least one committee is encouraged.

These are just a few of the opportunities you will have as a member of the New York Young Republican Club. The benefits are endless, as are the opportunities to build new friendships with other people who share a similar philosophy based on individual rights and Constitutional liberties.

I hope you will strongly consider becoming a member of the New York Young Republican Club. Please take a moment to download the application, choose the committees that most interest you, and mail it in with your dues. It¹s a choice I know you will be pleased with.

You now have a unique opportunity to help carry on the legacy of the New York Young Republican Club. I know that your involvement will be a very positive experience for you and may become an important part of your life as it has for many other members for almost 90 years. I¹m looking forward to working with you to further our mutual goals. Please don¹t hesitate to call me anytime.

Yours Truly,

Robert Alan Hornak

P.S. Don¹t miss our upcoming meetings with some of the most prominent speakers in the country.