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Who is a Young Republican?

The origin of the
Republican Elephant
Who is a YR?

Technically, a Young Republican is any registered Republican under the age of 40. The New York Young Republican Club is for young adult professionals, but is open to anyone who supports the Club and its efforts. We welcome anybody who wishes to see us succeed in our campaign for better government and more active and informed participation in the political process.

Why Are We Republicans?

A person who identifies with the Republican party usually believes the following:

  • That respect for every person's individual rights is the foundation this country is built on.
  • That power, even in the hands of responsible legislators, is a corrupting influence; therefore it is necessary to restrain the power government has over the individual.
  • That every individual has the right to exercise their individual rights so long as that exercise doesn't infringe on the rights of another.
  • That every person has the right to control their own destiny, free from government coercion, and has the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor without judgment, manipulation or constraint.
  • That the Bill of Rights was written explicitly to protect the rights of the individual from the coercive power of government, and that each of the 10 amendments is equal in significance and importance.
  • That each person has the right to own property, to control the destiny of that property, or to seek appropriate compensation if that land is restricted in any way through the coercion of government.
  • That each person has ownership and control of that which they create.
  • That free enterprise and the existence of corporations are neither inherently good nor bad; but serve a necessary function in the creation of wealth and prosperity in America.


Thursday, May 12
Guest Speaker:
Assemblyman Pat Manning
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